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A Sexyfation just​​ like you!


Step by step

1. To get started, I'll need some reference pictures of you (send me your favorites ones! :)  


2. Make sure that it’s a clear picture, so I can see the details (At least one picture showing your face/hair, and one full body).


3. Reference photos do not need to be nude but you may request to be depicted nude.


4. If you have tattoos, please provide a close picture of each one, indicating which part of the body it is.


5. If you have some specific pose in mind, please feel free to tell me. :)

How it works

Let me know you :)

Fill the form below or send me an email with your ideas and reference pictures. I will contact you to send the Paypal invoice, and as soon as the payment process is complete I'll start the creation process.


Creative process

You will first receive a sketch for approval so you can check and ask for adjustments, if needed. Once the artwork is approved, I’ll send you the finished artwork.


Your finished artwork

You get your finished illustration as a high-resolution file (300 dpi/.jpg file). This one is yours for personal use only.


Personalized merch

You get a link where you can purchase your illustration in products (stickers, t-shirts, mugs and many others!).

Here’s an example of a commission and the products available.


Feature on social media

You and your personalized Sexyfation will be featured on Sexyfation’s instagram! (You can opt not to be featured if you wish)



• Digital File

• Link to purchase your personalized illustration in products (stickers, t-shirts, buttons, tote bags and many more)

• Feature on Sexyfation's instagram (optional)


1 person - USD 195 


Extra person - USD 155


Zoe Sherwood

"I had been looking at Sexyfation for a while on Instagram, and absolutely fell in love with their artwork. They respond very quickly, and made an absolutely beautiful drawing of me. I loved it soo much I got it tattooed on my leg! A beautiful soul, an amazing artist, I highly recommend them to anyone!"


Let's do it!

Order your commission:

Thank You!

  • How can I order my commission?
    Send an email to with the reference pictures and your ideas. I will then get in touch with you to discuss the next steps in the creation of your personalized illustration.
  • What kind of information do you need from me to make my commissioned artwork?
    To start I will need some reference pictures of you (or the person you want me to draw). (send me your favorites ones! :) You can also send me inspiration images for the pose or the outfit. If you have tattoos, send me a close and clear picture of each one, indicating which part of the body it is.
  • How long does the production take?
    • Sketch: up to 10 working days after payment • Final Digital Piece: up to 10 working days after the sketch is approved. • You’ll receive a link to purchase your personalized items up to 3 working days after the Final Piece is approved.
  • How is the payment method?
    The payment is processed through Paypal.
  • In what form do I receive the finished artwork?
    You will receive a high resolution JPG. file and will also have a link to purchase your custom illustration on products, such as stickers, prints, t-shirts, mugs, and much more!
  • Am I free to use the finished artwork like I want?
    The artwork may only be used for personal purposes. If you wish to commission for commercial use, please send me a message, so I can calculate the extra costs and send you a specific quote.
  • May I publish the artwork?
    Sure! You can share it on your social media pages! (I would be happy if you tag me @sexyfation :)
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