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Black Woman Temporary Tattoo

Melanie Temporary Tattoo


Decorate your skin with Sexyfation temporary tattoos! <3




►Size is approximately 5x9cm (the ones standing) and 5x5cm (the ones seated)


► These tattoos can last 3-8 days, depending on the place that you applied (And with proper care).


►The tattoos are waterproof, and can be removed with oil and alcohol.


1) Peel off the clear sheet.
2) Apply in clean and dry skin, with the image facedown on your skin
3) Cover with a wet cloth for 30 seconds
4) Gently peel off the paper
5) Let dry & That's it! Enjoy your temporary tattoo!!
6) To remove: Apply the oil of your choice in the area, leave it for a few minutes, and then wipe off thoroughly with cotton and alcohol.

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